October 24, 2007

Moving Functoids & Links to new page

I had a complex map and wanted to make it easier to read by separating links and functoids into several pages within that map. BizTalk makes it extremely simple, but it took me a few minutes to get it...

1) Create a new destination page within the map.

2) Select the desired functoids and it's links from the old page.

3) Drag the functoid and links to the new destination page tab and keep holding the left mouse button down... you should see the arrow & grey box cursor... if you get the circle with the slash through it, you didn't correctly select all the functoids and links.

4) Now the new empty page is activated... but don't just drop the functoids on the tab, move the cursor back up into the grid, then drop them on the grid... they now are moved to the new page.

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