February 26, 2014

This Fine Morning

I like V8 juice. Every morning, on the way into work, I drink a glass of V8 juice.

Today was a bit strange - we had some flurries overnight, and I had left my car outside, so it had a coating of snow, so I took a few minutes and brushed the snow off the windows before leaving.

Since I was running late, I had to take our daily Skype call via cell. Usually I do it from my laptop at my desk, but in a pinch like this, I had to take it on my Android in the car.

But during the call, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that someone was gesturing to me from the car beside me...

After watching her for a few seconds, she then started gesturing like she was taking a drink, and pointing to my roof... and it hit me... I'd left my V8 on the roof of my car! Then, double-yikes, we were out of plastic cups, and I'd used a GLASS today! - Holy crap, there was a glass balancing on my roof driving 70 MPH on the interstate!

So the first thing I did was try to get as far ahead / away from everyone else as I could, and look for the first place I could C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y pull over.

When I finally was able to pull over and come to a stop, I got out among some curious looks, and sure enough my glass of V8 was still precariously perched on my roof. Between the snow on my roof, the wetness of the glass, and the cold temperature, the glass had become soldered to my roof with ice. In fact, it was attached so firmly that I had to pry it off. I probably could have done donuts and would have only spilled the juice. Happy ending.

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