April 17, 2013

Multitudes / Animal Collective names

Correct multitude naming per animal, in case you were wondering. Back to software-related info next post :)

A Crash of Rhinoceroses. 
A School of Fish. 
A Litter of Pups. 
A Flock of Sheep. 
A String of Ponies. 
A Harras of Horses.
A Pride of Lions.
A Herd of  Elephants. 
A Plague of Locusts. 
A Colony of Ants. 
A Covey of Quail.
A Kindle of Kittens. 
A Leap of Leopards.
A Pod of Seals. 
A Sloth of Bears. 
A Rafter of Turkeys. 
A Pace of Asses.
A Walk of Snipe.
A Gam of Whales. 
A Nest of Rabbits. 
A Gang of Elk. 
A Quiver of Cobra. 
A Dule of Doves.  
A Skulk of Foxes. 
A Dissimulation of Birds. 
A Prickle of Porcupines. 
A Peep of Chickens. 
A Band of Gorillas.
A Business of Ferrets.
A Bale of Turtles. 
A Pitying of Turtledoves. 
A Drift of Hogs. 
A Paddling of Ducks. 
A Siege of Herons. 
A Trip of Goats. 
A Charm of Finches. 
A Cete of Badgers. 
A Squadron of Pelicans. 
A Shoal of Bass. 
An Exaltation of Larks.
A Drove of Cattle. 
A Singular of Boars. 
A Tidings of Magpies. 
A Gaggle of Geese.
A Flutter of Butterflies. 
A Husk of Hares. 
An Unkindness of Ravens. 
A Labor of Moles. 
A Richness of Martens. 
A Cast of Hawks. 
A Knot of Toads. 
A Descent of Woodpeckers. 
A Sounder of Swine. 
A Mustering of Storks.
A Clutch of Eggs. 
A Bouquet of Pheasants.
An Army of Caterpillars. 
A Hover of Trout. 
A Flight of Swallows. 
A Troop of Kangaroos. 
A Clowder of Cats. 
A Watch of Nightingales. 
A Barren of Mules. 
A Shrewdness of Apes.
A Rag of Colts. 
A Bloat of Hippos.  
A Smack of Jellyfish. 
A Mischief of Mice. 
A Congregation of Alligators.  
A Parliament of Owls. 
A Route of Wolves. 
A Host of Sparrows. 
An Ostentation of Peacocks.
A Murder of Crows.

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