October 04, 2007

Expression Blend 2 Resize Page Canvas

Using Expression Blend 2 September Preview, I needed to make my application larger than the default size of 640 x 480. After changing the main canvas's height and width to 800 x 600, the XAML validated, but when I went to deploy, I got the message "The name 'Initialize Component' does not exist in the current context". In fact, even once I switched back to 640 x 480 mode, I still got this message.

The default .html file in the project has a css style sheet that has 640 x 480 coded in it that also needs to be revised. But even if this changed, the error message remained.

What I found was that this style sheet needs to be revised in Visual Studio first, then built in Visual Studio before you even touch Blend if you need to change from the original size defaults.

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