July 11, 2009

Solution to that triangular golf tee peg game.

Last month we stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way back from Northern Ohio, and they had one of those triangular games where you jump the golf tee pegs until you hopefully only have one left. They've been around forever - on the east coast, the Dutch Pantry restaurants had the same thing. Anyway, I don't know if I ever had solved one of these puzzles, except for pure luck, but my oldest son Johnny ended up finding a repeatable solution before breakfast even arrived. So here he is showing off his solution pattern in a youtube video.

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  1. Ha! What a smart kid... I don't know if I just never put enough effort into it, or if I'm just an ignoramous... but I couldn't ever get it down to 1.

  2. Hey Daniel.

    I just wanted to say hello to the other Daniel Shultz (with no C). I see you're into computer stuff and this alga-rhythmic puzzle scheit . Well... I'm into juggling notation and board games. You can check out my sites if you're bored.

    all the best,
    Daniel Shultz