November 30, 2007

ASP.Net web application template missing from Visual Studio

I recently installed Visual Studio 2005 on a Virtual PC and opened an existing solution from Source Control and got an application type not supported error for one of the projects in the solution (it was an ASP.NET Web Application project). It seems to be a common problem, and a lot of people are able to easily resolve it by recreating the Project and Item template caches using the following command:

devenv /installvstemplates

Another possible cause for this issue could be that the templates are not in the right place - occasionally they are installed under My Documents.

To make sure they are in the right place, in VS go to Tools..Options..Projects and Solutions and make sure the project and item templates are in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\. (that's where the above script will put them).

If you still have an issue you can download and install the VS 2005 Update to Support Web Application Projects here.

...after that File..New..Project should now show "ASP.NET Web Application" and "ASP.NET Web Service".

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  1. thanks dude, I was having a big trouble with this template!

  2. Thanks, this article put an end to my missing template woes.

  3. Muchas Gracias!, justo lo que necesitaba

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  5. Hi! This is a old post, but i need a help..
    Can you talk me more about this problem?
    I'm having the same problem. My VS 2005 is not recognising nothing of ASP projects for a 'New Project', but I tried the above process: devenv /installvstemplates --> No success.

    I don't know what do yet, if somebody can help me, I will thank so much and many people too.