September 11, 2007

BizTalk Orchestration Error "Parameter name: val"

I ran across this error message in an orchestration recently (in a Message Assignment shape). It didn't tell me a whole lot, and as of right now, doesn't give me many Google results.

OrchestrationValue cannot be null.
Parameter name: val

...and there is no parameter named 'val' in the Orchestration.

In the offending Message Assignment shape I have created a new message, and in that message I assign values based on distinguished fields in another message, so at first I thought maybe one of the nodes in my new message was MinOccurs=1 by default, and not being created, but no, they were all there. The problem ended up being that one of the Distinguished Fields I was referencing did not exist - the map that created the message had no source link to that field.

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  1. Have a look on the server's event viewer for the full error message. 'val' should be the name of the parameter of the method that failed from the list that shows up on the error stack in the error message. They are usually internal BizTalk methods but you can determine what it was trying to do by the names of the methods.

    Thiago Almeida
    Datacom - NZ

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